Add your voice to the defense of the irreplaceable environmental assets of the Nature Coast.

Membership Benefits the Nature Coast

As a member of the Gulf Coast Conservancy, you add your voice to others who are concerned about environmental destruction in Florida, and gain access to the latest information about our progress.

Your membership dues and volunteer efforts enable us to defend Florida's trees, waters, birds and animals; they cannot speak for themselves!

Your entire contribution is tax-deductible and will directly aid GCC's preservation efforts. To become a member of GCC:

Complete the membership form on-line.
complete, print and mail this form, along with your check or money order, to GCC.

Please make all checks payable to the
Gulf Coast Conservancy Gulf Coast Conservancy
P.O. Box 738 · Aripeka, FL 34679

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Investing In Nature

Where does the GCC get its funding?

The GCC receives its funds from three sources: memberships, donations and merchandise sales.

Can I use my donation to the GCC as a tax deduction?

Yes, the GCC is a 501.c3 (not for profit) local land trust. All contributions are fully deductible. If you donate anything other than cash, such as land, IRS regulations forbid the GCC from establishing the value of your gift. If you donate valuable property, please consult your tax preparer to establish the value of your gift for tax purposes.

What does the GCC do with my gift?

Cash donations are applied to operating expenses. Land donations are transferred, by sale or gift, to a local government agency such as county Environmental Land Acquisition program or a Water Management District.

Why does the GCC transfer property to a government agency?

Government agencies that manage environmental lands have the budget and skilled personnel who are able to assess the needs of the property and decide the best course of action for habitat preservation.

Why should I not then just donate my land directly to the governmental agency?

The advantage to you of donating land to the GCC is our ability to accept your donation in a timely fashion. One of our past benefactors offered us a parcel of land in early December. We were able to accept the gift immediately and allow the donors to qualify for their tax deduction for that year. It usually takes a government agency much longer, even years, to accept a donation.

What are the operating expenses of the GCC?

Communication, through our web site, periodic mailings, phone calls and travel to various bureaucracies to meet decision makers in person, is our main expense. It is sometimes necessary hire experts to provide testimony to rebut developer’s claims. The Trustees of the GCC are all volunteers who serve without pay.